We are Juan Arroita (@juanarroita) and Eduardo Arroita (@eduroits), two cousins who think that everything is possible with enough work and effort.

We decided to create Roits to fill a void in the socks market. Most of the models we found were really boring and even though some stood out, they were naff and hard to wear.

Our designs seek a compromise between elegance and amusement. That’s why our logo is a longboard with a tie, to show the contrast between both styles. Our life is somehow based in that compromise too. We have always wanted to have fun without neglecting our responsibilities and the elegance. For that reason, we think that Roits isn’t just a socks brand, but also a lifestyle, and we will show it throughout the way.


María Cadepe (@cadepe)

Our first partner was María Cadepe. Without her, her vision and ideas this brand wouldn´t have been the same. She also helped us as a designer, creating her own model which turned into one of our brand pillars.

Alex Puértolas (@alexpuertolas)

Alex wanted to collaborate with the brand from the very start. The model he designed is one of the most creative and unique in our catalogue, which turned it into a best seller from the beginning.

María Herrejón (@hersimmar)

Herrejón joined our project when she saw and tried the first models. We all know the passion she feels for pizza, so it was no surprise her sketch was full of pepperoni pizza slices. That is how the craziest model in our collection was born.

Paula Gureta (@paulagureta)

Paula discovered the brand when she worked as a model in one of our sessions. As a fashion lover, she was excited when we offered her to participate with her own design. The Hachi model was inspired by the tattoo she has on her chest and it has a totally different design in the left and the right sock.



Made in Spain

We decided to manufacture in Spain in order to back up our country´s economy. After visiting different factories, we chose one that is located in Valencia, which is known by the quality of their textile industry.


Logo under the sock

All of our models show the logo on the sole. If you like the longboard with tie as much as we do, you will appreciate this detail.

The only models that don´t have this detail are the ones that have the signature of their designers on that place.


Thin cuff

We are proud to offer you a much thinner cuff than every other brand. The elastic in our socks is half as wide as most of the brands, which is much more attractive, also offering more comfort.

Don’t let a huge elastic ruin your socks’ design.


Brand on the cuff

Each sock has the ROITS brand on the inner area of the cuff. We like being discreet and putting our name in a discreet place but our socks wouldn’t be the same without the brand.


Our socks are manufactured with premium quality materials. We use as much cotton as possible to favor comfort and sweat absorption, in order to avoid bad smell.